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    Sundays: 9 PM – 10 PM

    I’ve been talking to you for over 30 years now at The Wizard. I keep showing up, and they keep giving me a paycheck. Surprised they haven’t taken me out back behind the barn yet.

    I SOMETIMES enjoy listener comments and feedback. You can reach me at davem@hallradio.net, and as always, thanks for listening.

    GRATEFUL DEAD HOUR: Sundays: 9 pm – 10 pm

    Your local dead head host Dave Marshall brings you David Gans and the Grateful Dead Hour every Sunday evening at 9pm. For more information, go to www.gdhour.com

    ZZ Top

    Sunday, October 16 at 7:30 PM at The Flynn.


    Tuesday, November 15, Torrington, CT @ Warner Theatre