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System Of A Down‘s Serj Tankian recently shared a new single, “A.F. Day,” from his upcoming solo album.

“This is a song I wrote in the early days of SOAD that I never released. The majority of the instrumentation and vocals are recordings from that time. Dystopian in mood, it’s a reflection of the angst and anti-authoritarian attitude I had to conformity,” Tankian said in a press release.

“Why do religions require from their faithful blind and questioning servitude?/ If thy path is so righteous, then why the use of forcing all attitude,” Tankian sings in the chorus of “A.F. Day, which stands for ” Another F***ing Day.”

An accompanying music video features Tankian performing the song alongside members of his backing band, The F.C.C.

Tankian recently announced his new solo EP, called Foundations, which will follow his 2013 solo album, Orca.

“We’re doing an EP called Foundations, which is music from different eras of my career,” Tankian said in a recent Stereogum interview. “We’re starting with the release of a song called ‘A.F. Day’ that’s at least 25 years old. They’re from early System days that I’ve never worked out with System and [they’re] punk rock, kind of metal, heavy songs.”

“So I mean, how do they interrelate?” he continued. “I don’t know. I don’t see music or lyrics interrelating much. I’ve included them within the memoir, in terms of reflecting back and doing some explanations, but I don’t know how else they relate.”

Foundations EP will be released this fall via Gibson Records.

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