Mel Allen

Mel Allen

On Air: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Mel likes fire, live music and craft beer. During the summer, near his fire pit and in winter, near his wood stove. While he enjoys snowboarding and hiking, those are hard to do without spilling his beverage – so they are limited to avoid party fouls.

Mel hates food that hates him – so most pickles, swiss cheese and olives of any kind are off the menu. Literally every other food is fair game. Favorites are bacon, pizza and other foods that pair well with frosty cold adult beverages like beer.

Mel’s favorite music is simple: has a good beat and doesn’t suck.

When not on the radio, he does computer stuff, records voice overs and pretends to be on the radio at the request of his many children.

The Boozebuddy Update – with Mel Allen

Every weekday at 7:00 pm ET, I’ll deliver a quick one-ish minute episode focusing on three stories in the alcohol scene. The focus – craft-made beer, wine, seltzer, spirits, Ready To Drink cocktails (RTD’s), and occasionally the macro brewers too.

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