11am-4pm Sundays on the Wizard.

    Amy started working in radio in 1992 – and you remember how WKRP opened with “Up and down the dial”? Well, that’s really how radio works! Amy started her career at a station in the NEK. From there, she came to Burlington and worked for six years at our sister station, WIZN. For the past 25+ years, Amy has worked at stations throughout Vermont, including being on-air and doing production here at Hall Communications (up and down the dial!) In 2002 she started working in the world of NASCAR and soon found herself traveling this great country covering racing, as well as being on the air. Most recently, Amy moved back home from PA, where she was on the air and had a syndicated NASCAR show, and has found the place at which she plans to retire!
    Amy has a love of large dogs and rescues Neapolitan Mastiffs. She also loves to travel around seeing her favorite band…Strangefolk!

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