Devon McGarry

6-10 am
Monday – Friday

Whether you’re on your way into work or still lying in bed wondering if today is a day you even want to take part in, Devon is right there with you… in the shadows… slurping coffee… breathing heavily… trying to think of something funny to talk about next.

Your morning is brighter, your commute is easier, and your car stereo is just a little bit livelier with Devon in it. He is real and he is fabulous. He’s a bit of a storyteller and always one to let you in on a good inside joke; mostly because it will elicit one more laugh to fuel his fragile ego. Catch all the rock news you need, sports insight you didn’t ask for, and even updates on what’s strewn about the roadways with the recurring segment “Oops You Spilled Your Load”. It’s all happening every weekday morning between 6 and 10 AM.

This may be a one-man show, but it’s nothing without you. Listen and learn why all your friends call him “the joke that keeps on joking.” Hey, wait a minute…

Taste of the Fair: Oct 16-18

The final Taste of the Fair event of 2020 will take place on the Midway Friday, October 16th through Sunday, October 18th! Fried Dough – French Fries – Gourmet Burgers – Bloomin’ Onion – Candy Apples – Deep-Fried Tacos – Lemonade – Brazilian BBQ – Corn Dogs – Cotton Candy – Fajitas – Loaded Tater Tots…