Devon McGarry

Monday – Friday

“Promotions Assistant”. That’s how it all began here at the Wizard for Devon. Plugging in speakers, hanging banners slightly askew, and keeping you from spilling your beer on all the prizes. Life was tough, but life was good.

A proud Beaver, Devon cut his chops at Champlain College and started working at the Wizard while still piling on those student loans. He also strapped a guitar across his back and played it for babes and/or beers. First song he ever learned? Smoke on the Water. Second? Whipping Post. It was a little bit of a jump! These days, you can catch The Devon McGarry Band playing a bar, backyard, or festival near you.

Now, Devon is the first voice you hear in the morning and, frankly, probably the most majestic. After 7 years climbing the radio ladder and waking up earlier and earlier, he’s finally made it. Cubicle agitator. Commute rocker. ”Morning Show Talent”!